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The number of trucks on the road each year by 11,000, as stores that require five shipments per week in traditional containers now only require two where some square milk jugs are filled, described the pouring technique as "rock-and-pour instead of a lift-and-tip". See also. Milk bag; Milk bottle … Read Article

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Packaged in reused one-gallon milk jugs, as well as the TerraCycle Bird Feeder, which is made from a used twoliter soda bottle and a base made entirely from recycled plastic. … Access Doc

About Pop Bottle Snowman Craft – Free Crafts For Kids
2 liter pop or water bottles Sand Small votive candle holder Patio Brand paint With sandpaper, lightly sand the outside of the bottle to prepare it for the paint. … Read Article

About Make A Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder – Plastic Bottle Bird
To make a plastic bottle bird feeder, you will need: Plastic bottle – 2 liter bottles are most common, but any size will work Perches – thin dowels, unsharpened pencils, chopsticks, twigs, etc.; ideally 8-10 inches long … Read Article

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PDF file Coffee Can Bird Feeder
Liter to Glitter Pack Meeting Ideas Agenda: Coffee Can Bird Feeder Coffee Can Bird Feeder c. Napkin Holders d. Soda Bottle Planter e. Run wire through the lid and loop it through the two holes in the … Retrieve Content

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PDF file Nest Structures, Feeders And Blinds
• 2-Liter Plastic Soda Bottle Bird Feeder • Milk Carton Feeder • Large Self-Feeder • Linda Tray Feeder • Hardware Cloth Suet Feeder • Dowel Suet Feeder • Assemble body of feeder utilizing two 2 x 12 x 12 1/2" ends and two 12 x 26" sides. … Retrieve Content

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PDF file Bird Biology
Classroom Activities May 2001 ACTION To make the bird feeder: 1. Clean the soda bottle Building a Bird Feeder OBJECTIVE Students will build a bird feeder and be able to recognize two species of birds that come to MATERIALS Per feeder: • one plastic 2-liter soda bottle with cap • three or four small … Access Full Source

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PDF file Wolf Den Meeting 10
Research on the Internet instructions for pinecone bird feeders; instructions are readily available online. n If peanut allergies are a problem, then make a bird feeder as shown in the Wolf Handbook, page 176, or make one from a recyclable plastic milk jug or twoliter soda bottle. … Access Doc

Bird Feeder Of Two Liter Bottle

PDF file Bird Feeding Basics
Try the "Bird Mix Recipe" on the next page for another variation. Hummingbird feeder: a glass or plastic bottle containing sugar water that mimics feeders from a long wire strung between two poles or trees, then slide lengths of PVC pipes or 2-liter The Bird Feeder Book: the Complete Guide to … View This Document

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Word file BALOO'S BUGLE Volume 10, Nu
Pop-bottle bird feeder . Materials: one plastic 2-liter bottle, two plastic lids about 5” in diameter (from coffee cans, large margarine containers, whipped topping, etc.), 30” heavy twine or rug yarn, scissors … Doc Retrieval

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PDF file 100 Things To Do When Your Kids Say "I'm Bored!"
Print a newspaper: Write newspaper articles for a pretend newspaper and distribute to family members. Make a bird feeder: Using a twoliter plastic soda bottle, cut a large hole in the center of the bottle large enough for birds to get inside. … Access Doc

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PDF file Creative Ideas
It is also very easy to make a bird feeder using two 2-litre plastic bottles. Follow these steps: •Cut one bottle two thirds of the way up (as shown in the graphic). … Retrieve Content

About Syrup Bottle Angel Craft – Free Crafts For Kids
Find out how to make a cute angel using an empty syrup bottle, submitted by Connie and made by Lizzie. … Read Article

YouTube Bottle Crafts : How To Make Bird Feeders From Plastic Bottles
Bird feeders can be made from plastic bottles by drilling holes in the bottle, adhering a flattened bottle to the bottom and threading a wire through the top to hand it. Use plastic bottles to create a perfect bird feeder with tips from an experienced craftsman in this free video on … View Video

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PDF file Bird Feeding Station Turn A Plastic bottle Into Something …
Ltd. Bird feeding station What You'll Need: • Plastic 2-liter bottle (without a Step 4: Punch two holes just under the top rim of the bottle for the hanger. Step 5: Thread a piece of strong cord through the top holes to hang the feeder. cap back on the bottle. Step 8: Hang the bird feeder … Doc Retrieval